NYU Grad, writer, creative strategist, peanut butter enthusiast, and future television series creator_

★ I've written articles for NBC News which have gained thousands of reads.★ Conducted interviews with some of my favorite celebrities and covered red carpet events at the Knockturnal and People Magazine.★ Strategized on campaigns for Nickelodeon and Depop and handled copy for organizations such as Girls Who Code and Truth.★ Now I am an adfellow of the 6.0 class at Verizon.★ Feel free to email me with opportunities or to chat about cats, conspiracy theories, or the group BTS.

Let's face it...Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have made it impossible for mature adults to date online.Match’s “Adults Date Better” campaign was made for the serious dater who doesn’t play games, abides by the ‘dating rules,’ and especially—doesn’t ghost.

My role revolved around creating social posts, press releases, and capturing the public's response to the campaign online.

truth be told, young adults are vaping without realizing the risks.Major vape corporations are prioritizing sales over the well-being of their customers.truth wanted to market a new, honest vape, "the depression stick."

I assisted in writing press releases, social copy for posts on Instagram and Twitter, and brainstorming campaign taglines.