Hi I'm Bianca

I'm a NYU graduate, journalist, writer, peanut butter enthusiast, katsaridaphobe based in NYC.My writing has been featured in NBC News, People Magazine, the Knockturnal and smaller publications across the country.I've gotten to cover hard hitting new stories, attend red carpet premieres, and interview some of pretty amazing people.Currently, I'm a creative within the Verizon adfellows program and working at Disney/ABC!Outside of my work, I'm looking for new hobbies, trying to get better at baking, attempting to read novels, and watching a bunch of shows on Hulu.Feel free to email me with opportunities or talk about how good banana bread is :)

Let's face it...Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have made it impossible for mature adults to date online.Match’s “Adults Date Better” campaign was made for the serious dater who doesn’t play games, abides by the ‘dating rules,’ and especially—doesn’t ghost.

My role revolved around creating social posts, press releases, and capturing the public's response to the campaign online.

truth be told, young adults are vaping without realizing the risks.Major vape corporations are prioritizing sales over the well-being of their customers.truth wanted to market a new, honest vape, "the depression stick."

I assisted in writing press releases, social copy for posts on Instagram and Twitter, and brainstorming campaign taglines.


To celebrate Make That Change and
help bring more young women into STEM, Girls Who Code asked that we roll out a campaign highlighting women in the industry that have played a vital role in the industry.

I helped write a press release that captured the importance of
"Make That Change," and drafted questions for our talents' interviews.

A trend known as The Hot Girl Walk was gaining traction all over TikTok.

Hot Girl Walk - a daily stroll that makes you feel empowered, gets your exercise in for the day, and aids in your mental clarity.

The trend has inspired woman-led walking groups to form in 8+ major US cities. These groups emphasize making an active lifestyle accessible. achievable and enjoyable, and now have communities of 50K+ throughout the U.S.This isn’t just a walk, but a movement.

However with temperatures beginning to drop, many of these groups are trying to figure out how to continue these walks this winter.

While an adfellow at draftline, the in-house creative agency of Anheuser-Busch, I spent three weeks proposing this insight and coming up with a solution to the consumer tension.

The Idea was Simple...

Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzers would encourage more women to walk during the winter with free indoor walking events in collaboration with female-led walking groups in the coldest major cities in America—New York, DC, Chicago, and Boston.

And here's other ways this will launch.

All graphics by JC Wu and Carolina Benitez excluding iPhone mockup.

October 3rd is Mean Girls Day!

I thought Michelob ULTRA could chime in on the cultural relevance and promote their product in the best way possible.....

Design by Carolina Benitez

So...My work for TikTok is too exciting, thought-provoking inspiring, brilliant, extraordinary, compelling, powerful, and a whole bunch of other adjectives to be seen on this public website.Meaning my work has yet to be published to the general public!However, if necessary, visit the link below to get a sneak peek of it.Please be advised it is password protected.